download-msdsWhat is Aglime?
Aglime is made from naturally occurring Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)

What does Aglime do?

  • Aglime neutalises soil acidity to maintain proper soil Ph range.
  • Provides the element Calcium essential to maintain plant cell functions.
  • Stimulates microbacterial activity in the soil to aid plant nutrient availability.
  • Stimulates root growth to help minimise soil erosion.
  • Reduces the effects of manganese and aluminium toxicity in plants.
  • Improves soil structure and textures permitting extensive cropping.
  • Liberates essential trace elements such as Molybfenum.

Why use MDL Aglime?

  • Neutralise soil acidity caused by frequent application of ammonia and nitrogen based fertilisers.
  • Promote efficient conservation of essential nutrients by soil bacteria.
  • Restore the critical soil balance upset by normal cropping.

Typical Analysis

CaCO3 content 96%
Ca: 38%
Neutralising Value: 96%
Particle Size: 98% finer than 250 Micron
MDL Aglime is the finest Agricultural Lime available, which gives more surface area and immediate response in the first year.

You can compare the value of different liming materials and products using the NV, fineness and cost of the lime.
For example: compare the value of Lime A and Lime B.


Fineness 70, NV 96, $70 per tonne, spread
Effectiveness = (70 x 96)/100 = 67.2
Comparative Value = $(70 x 100) / 67.2
= $104.15/T 
Fineness 99, NV 96, $90 per tonne, spread
Effectiveness = (99 x 96) / 100 = 95.04
Comparative Value = $(90 x 100) / 95.04
= $94.70/T

This example shows that although Lime A is cheaper than Lime B, because it is less effective, you obtain better value for your money using Lime B.

mdl_limeAll MDL products are available in:
Bulk, Bulk Bags (1 Tonne) and Paper Sacks

MDL will blend Dolomite & Limestone to a Calcium/Magnesium ratio to suit your requirements.