Oberon (Mudgee Stone Co)

The Oberon White Granite Quarry is located approximately 6km east-southeast of Oberon.  Mudgee Stone Company Pty Ltd received approval on 7 September 2012 to extend their existing operations at the quarry providing for the extraction of up to 5 million tonnes of granite from a 6ha extraction area over approximately 30 years.  Approved annual production is up to 250,000tpa although average production will likely be closer to 200,000tpa following a ramp up period of approximately 5 years.

Approved activities on site include extraction of granite through conventional drill and blast methods, on-site crushing, screening and stockpiling of granite,transport of products via road registered trucks, progressive rehabilitation and related ancillary activities.


  • Alaskalite (White Granite)

Mudgee Stone Co
Oberon White Granite Quarry

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